Cuba's bread evangelist

Alberto González Ceballos "started the madness of opening a bakery" in gritty Centro Habana five years ago. A Cuban returnee, Alberto worked in Europe for 17 years, and at a Michelin-star restaurant in Italy, before heading back to the land of his birth. While kneading an 87-year-old sourdough mother yeast, owned by his great-great-great-grandmother, Alberto tells customers he's all about changing the conversation on bread in Cuba. He bakes maize bread, onion bread, dried fruit and peanut bread, charcoal & rye breadsticks, gluten-free herb bread, and ham, cheese & onion rolls. These kind of tasty loaves are not universally baked in Cuba making his steaming oven-and-counter bakery one of a kind. Invited to savour his slow-cooked pork, too? Cancel every single other plan in Havana you might have.   

Cuban baker-Alberto Ceballos Gonzalez_edited-1.jpg