inside cuba
inside cuba


'Claire put together a fantastic ten-day itinerary for me taking in some of the best beaches in Cuba and great experiences.  She has a very flexible way of working and knows Cuba like the back of her hand and I would not hesitate to use her services again.' DC

'Claire, this advice alone is invaluable. THANK YOU. I'm so so grateful that we decided to get the counsel of a Cuba expert. You've very likely saved us tons of stress and ensured a much more enjoyable trip.' FT

'Claire is – in my opinion – simply the best. I consider Claire to be the quintessential traveller, travel writer and guide – showing obvious respect for, and commitment to, the country and its people, and to us – the explorers and travellers.' SH


Trip planning 

For Americans, I can craft an itinerary that meets the requirements of the ‘Support for the Cuban people’ category as detailed by US government regulations. Americans can still travel to Cuba independently under this category.

For the rest of the world, you can explore and imbibe as you like. 

I can help with itineraries for solo travellers, couples, and groups. I've worked with Americans searching for their Cuban roots, exchange programme students, and academics, as well as the travel curious.
My contacts come from across the arts, tourism, economy, politics, agriculture, and history. I know some phenomenal, spirited locals. 

Knowing how much time you have and what you like to do on a trip, I’ll craft a smart trip with my top recommendations of places to see, people to meet, where to stay, where to shop, and where to eat. I’ll also offer practical travel advice.

Please get in touch about my rates and availability: